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Power flushing – The right time for a good clean out!!

Written on by unwinplumbing

Before the temperature starts to drop and the colder nights set in, its always good to be one step ahead and give your heating system a good clear out.

The day to day running of a boiler produces a black sludge, called “black magnetite”.  This sludge is naturally corrosive and gathers throughout the heating system causing the boiler problems and to run inefficiently.

Possible problems that may be encountered:

  • radiators being cold at the bottom
  • a noisy boiler
  • the heating system takes a long time to warm up

To help solve these issues and to help maintain and prevent further problems Unwin Plumbing & Heating highly recommend a procedure called “POWER FLUSHING”. A power flush pumps a chemical through the heating system breaking down the black sludge, allowing it to be flushed out and removed.

Power flushing doesn’t just solve problems but also prevents them, improves energy savings and extends the heating systems life.

For further information or to book your power flush give us a call on 01858 464271    or    07970 66 44 12.





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